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Thank you so much for including us on your special day! We so enjoyed it! You looked so beautiful. I am so happy for you both. All my girls are grown and married now :-) !!! Love you,
Eddie and Dale Patterson
from: Eddie & Dale Patterson
8/14/2012 8:51:40 AM
Congratulations, the wedding was so beautiful!
from: Demond and Keisha Jones
8/13/2012 10:11:23 AM
Congratulations and all the best to both of you!
from: Danny & Arnita Jackson
8/10/2012 10:09:56 AM
We wish you the best and look forward to seeing you "jump the broom".
from: Uncle Dan & Aunt Mary
8/9/2012 3:07:16 PM
We are so happy for both of you. Tonya and Steve, we wish you the best of luck, now and 4-ever. Congratulations!!!!
from: Felicia and George Guice
8/6/2012 7:39:06 AM
I am soooo happy and excited for you both!! My sincerest CONGRATULATIONS! (See you in August!)
from: Felicia Jennings R.
7/29/2012 9:55:23 AM
Coach Steve....Congratulations to you and Tonya! Tonya has a great catch, and I sure you got a great catch too! You two make a beautiful couple! See you at the wedding!
from: Cindy Duplessis
7/20/2012 9:30:40 AM
Congratulations and be Happy!!!!
from: Faye and Valcouer Caesar
7/19/2012 7:30:06 AM
Congratulations Steve, Coach Lewis and I can't wait to celebrate with you and your new bride!
from: Elecia
6/30/2012 6:53:56 AM
Thank you everyone for your warm wishes. We look forward to seeing all of you on the Big Day! ***sending love and hugs***
from: The Bride and Groom
6/29/2012 3:43:40 PM
Hi there! I love your wedding page! I am very happy for both of you and I wish you all the best blessings as you start your new journey as man wife.
from: Shavonnah Roberts Schreiber
6/28/2012 3:00:02 PM
Hi Steve I want to wish you and your new Bride the best. Steve you ve been like a son to me an I am hopeing Tonya is that very special Lady For You.
Best wishes to you. Love Mrs Dee
from: Mrs Louise Duplessis
6/20/2012 9:30:39 AM
Congratulation, You guys look like the perfect match. God bless you both.
from: Tonia leach (cousin)
6/20/2012 1:20:26 AM
Hi, Steve I am so happy for you may Gods Blessings shine on the both of you.
Tonya I look forward to meeting you take good care of my friend and brother.
Much Love Shell
from: Mrs. Michelle Duplessis- Green
6/19/2012 3:25:38 PM
Cute pics! We are so excited for you two to join the Married Club!! It's the best club to be in.

Love ya cuz and new cuz!
from: Warren & Kendra Smith
5/15/2012 1:19:50 PM
Congratulations Tonya & Steve! I am so happy for you both. I knew Tonya would tie the knot one day. She just patiently waited for the right guy. May God Bless You both.
from: Nora Johnson
5/9/2012 8:27:26 AM
You guys look so cute together :-) Can't wait until the big day!

from: Kisha Moliere-Robinson
2/7/2012 4:03:25 PM
Congradulations Tonya and Steve,
My Dog, The long talks we always had in my backyard; I always told you the right woman would come in your life, and yes, Tonya is that and, the right woman in your life. I'm looking forward for this day for the both of you.
You Dog,

from: Joe Holmes
1/26/2012 11:19:42 AM
I promise you, I will be there and will assist in any way asked to do so. I look forward to this most wonderful and unforgettable occasion. I am confident that Stephen and Tonya are the most loving and kind people on this earth and in this , now, are truly, in the sight of God, are but the mere and descending voices of the truth that any can speak, for there can be no opposers. I love these two fine young people. Dr. John B. Rayford.
from: Dr. John Rayford, Father of Stephen will be present.
1/23/2012 12:58:41 PM
from: Errol Myers
1/19/2012 10:30:33 AM
Congradulations to the Happy Couple! We will definitely attend your blessed event. This is going to be grand occasion!
from: Rene & Nora Johnson
1/19/2012 7:54:50 AM
Congradualations! You guys make a handsome couple. Look forward to seeing you on your special day.
from: Rochanda Carter
1/14/2012 2:44:10 PM
I am so happy for you!
from: Dr. Marie Sesay
1/13/2012 2:03:45 AM
I am so happy for both of you. I love weddings and I can hardly wait to witness your special day.
from: Norweida Rayford Roberts
1/12/2012 12:41:30 AM
We are so excited, we received our save the date today. It's on my calendar.
from: Sabrina & Kayla Holmes
1/11/2012 4:16:56 PM
God bless you as you prepare to consecrate your married life to God, the Almighty. May he keep you healthy, happy and willing to spread goodness and evangelization to everyone you come in contact with.
from: Clarice, Al, and Cheryl Campbell
1/10/2012 2:26:56 PM
Hey Guys, love the site, your pictures are gorgeous! Congratulations and can't wait for this special day. Love You!
from: Deadra Rayford
12/15/2011 8:54:14 PM
Congrats!!! I like your pics
from: Toya Clebourn-Jacobs
12/10/2011 8:24:12 PM
Congratulations from The Knot! All the best for happy planning and a fantastic wedding.
from: Carley and The Knot Team
11/18/2011 4:44:50 PM
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